We strongly feel that along with academic & professional education one should have real life education also, which is more important because it plays a significant role in everybody’s success. Unfortunately today people are not aware & very few institutions are available to provide such education. Commonly people learn such lesson during ups and downs of their own life journey, but it takes lot of time, energy & sometimes one has to pay a huge price for same. There are certain fundamentals in every area/field, which can save years of time, energy & money by learning from a mentor who has already traveled the road.

With a mission for enlighten the life of majority especially young generation; Reeve Corporate has been founded in March 2012, by Mr. K.D. Dhasmana. The founder & chief mentor of company, specializing in individual as well entrepreneurial training. During his journey of professional carrier since 1992 started with a big corporate like “BPL India Ltd ” has vast & rich experience of corporate world & active in training field since last one decade, having a fleet of trainers, having a collective experience of more than 100 years. So far trained thousands of individuals & a number of Enterprises.

Vision : Be among top 10 companies in the world by 2025, in the field of individual and entrepreneurial training business.

Mission : We believe that every individual have sleeping potential. And your past has no power over your future. So our mission is to educate every individual about real life lesions which are really important & must to live a abundant & balance life.

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