Reeve Gurukul

Designed for group of people, a customized program of 24 sessions once or twice in month along with the visit to their work/business place.
Keep in mind when you sit down to enjoy in this “live” seminar, you’ll be treated to a life-changing process that is shared and followed by only about 2% of the world’s population — the wealthiest, most successful, happiest, and highest achieving individuals.
With KD’s guidance, you’ll uncover new ways for developing, using, and improving your success skills, which will guarantee you a place in that top group of winners.
Growth comes only through change I am able to uncover something special in someone—helping them grow, helping them find passion, helping them change their lives and become a better version of themselves, I simply love helping people become whom they want to be,  leading them to more satisfying lives.

For example, you’ll learn:
arrow The one thing that will kill all opportunities, and the thing you need to avoid at all costs.
arrow The major determining factor behind true achievement.
arrow The simplest path toward achieving success.
arrow How life change actually starts.
arrow The most misunderstood aspect of happiness, and the easiest way to correct it.
arrow The one key to all good things — the key that determines how you get paid… and how well you get paid.
arrow The powerful personal ability everyone has, but rarely uses.

In this series, we are ready to show you — not only how to change yourself, but how to keep growing, and how to make each New Year better than the last. The sooner you take the right action steps, the sooner you’ll be on your way to making rest of your life best ever!
Will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to get all the way there — and then go miles beyond it! helps guide you to astounding levels of personal and professional success.